Night In The Woods Spiritual Successor Revenant Hill Has Been Canceled


Following its initial reveal during the PlayStation Showcase in May, Revenant Hill--a spiritual successor to indie darling Night In The Woods--has ceased development, according to a statement released by the game's developer today.

The official X account for The Glory Society released a lengthy confirmation of the game's cancellation, in which the team cited multiple reasons for the decision. Among them was the revelation that two team members were forced to step away from the project due to "serious health issues."

An announcement:

— The Glory Society (@theglorysociety) November 7, 2023

"Given the realities of schedules, budgets, and the fraught task of reworking the whole project," the statement read, "the team has amicably decided to suspend operations. For all intents and purposes, this is the end of development of Revenant Hill."

The statement calls this decision a "clear path," and one that was chosen for the "well-being of the team." The statement continues by saying that the studio "was a project in and of itself," and that it was one that each member of the team was "proud to have been a part of."

Revenant Hill was intended to be a game set in the late 1910s, where players would take the role of Twigs the cat, who is forced to live in a wet log after his barn burns down. The official PlayStation Blog post after the initial reveal said players would do things like "grow crops to sell at the secret market," "figure out what the ghosts want," and "host increasingly ambitious parties for witches and demons and other things that don’t have proper names."