Mass Effect's N7 Day May Be Over, But Fans Can Still Get Some Great Collectibles


N7 Day has come and gone, leaving behind a mere glimpse at the next Mass Effect game. One thing that has remained? Merchandise, as fans can grab a few new collectibles and some stylish clothing celebrating BioWare's sci-fi franchise.

One of the more limited items is a new statue of Commander Shepard designed by Gentle Giant Studios and sold through Dark Horse Direct. Only 1,000 of these will be made, and the statue is inspired by the cover art for Mass Effect 3.

New statues of Wrex and Tali have also been revealed, and these are smaller but highly detailed recreations of the fan-favorite characters. For something smaller and much cuter, there are several new plushies from Sanshee, as these replicas of Grunt, Liara, and Varren are huggable new additions to any collection. A few pins of these designs are also available, in case you want to wear an adorable tribute to Mass Effect.

Mass Effect N7 Deals

Mass Effect plushies
  • M300 Claymore mini-replica -- $115
  • Omni Blade LED wall art -- $135
  • Liara T'Soni plush -- $36
  • Liara T'Soni pin -- $13
  • Thane plush -- $36
  • Thane pin -- $13
  • Grunt plush -- $36
  • Grunt pin -- $13
  • Garrus parka jacket -- $595
  • N7 Spec Ops jacket -- $345

On the BioWare Gear Store, you can find a brand-new mini-replica Claymore shotgun and Omni-Blade LED wall art, and for anyone looking to suit up in some Mass Effect-themed clothing, Volante Design is offering a Garrus Vakarian-style parka that comes with a "head cone" to protect your face. For reading material, a new Mass Effect and Dragon Age Humble Bundle offers a lot of digital comics to download onto your tablet.

Pay $18 or more, and you'll get a small library of graphic novels and books to read, with proceeds going to the Child's Play charity.

Sadly, the day has also highlighted poor working conditions in the gaming industry, as workers who were previously employed by Keywords Studios are protesting N7 day. These testers were all laid off following BioWare's decision not to renew its contract with Keywords, which happened shortly after the testers unionized last year.

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